Sunday, October 2, 2011

Nastics, Mermaid, and Game Ball!

This weekend AP had her very first gymnastics meet! She has been taking gymnastics for about a year and just moved up to the little competition team this summer. They have been practicing their beam, bar, floor, and vault routines for a month or two. AP really doesn't understand what it means to compete or what the judges are looking for at all, but she really enjoys it. On our way to the meet, she was telling me that she thought the judges would be wearing "red hats, gold shiny jackets, and black boots"! I have no idea where that came from!

Here she is with her best little friend who is also on her team.

Here she is waiting for her turn on the floor routine and talking to one of her coaches.

Here she is about to do her vault.
And the medals, her favorite part! They got a medal for each event and one for overall. So she was sporting five medals when we left. She wore them the rest of the day, too. We could hear her jingling around the house :)
She ended up coming in 5th overall, but she did get 2nd on the bars. The bars are her favorite. She thinks she "won", though :)While she and I were at her meet, C and Daddy were at the baseball field. I'm sure it won't be the last time that the kids' sporting events are scheduled at the same time. I hated to miss C's game and Hubs was really bummed to miss AP's first meet, but I guess we should get used to it! After her meet, we had a lunch date and then found the wig she needed to complete her Ariel costume. Is that not the cutest Ariel ever?!?

"This is how Ariel swims."
When we got home, C was excited to show us that he got the gameball!! C's last game of the season is tomorrow. Hubs has really enjoyed coaching his team. It's sort of sad to see this season end!

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