Monday, April 2, 2007

Beautiful Easter Christmas Tree

At C's request, we now have an Easter Christmas tree. This was what he requested after seeing other trees in the neighborhood with eggs hanging on them. Here was our feeble attempt.

We had an Easter Egg hunt for the kiddos in our small group last night. C dominated and took home most of the candy. He had already perched somewhere and was unwrapping chocolate before the other kids even finished. He loves his chocolate.

AP and her little friend had fun eating grass and chewing on the wrappers of candy that they wished they could eat. They were really cute doing it, though.

AP had her big appt at the International Adoption Clinic at Vandy today. So far, so good. We won't have any of the results of the bloodwork back for a while, but he was very pleased with her development. We were actually scheduled to stay and meet with the OT, but doc didn't even feel like she needed it. He says she is really close to being on target, at least as far as development goes. She really put on a show for him...she talked non-stop, did her big girl crawl, pulled up, and even did what looked like a little dance move. She has 2 Mongolian spots, I had thought that was what they were, but wanted to make sure. For those who don't know, that is just a type of birthmark and should go away by age 2 or so. They look like bruises, though, so it can be kind of scary if you don't know what they are. She is still a petite little pumkinhead, but we are proud to report that she is on the chart at least. Her weight was between 1 and 3 % and her head and length were just over 3 %...way to grow, AP! To say that she was mad about having her blood drawn was an understatement. She screamed, stopped breathing, started sweating, then just gave up and went to sleep. It must have taken a toll on her b/c she is now taking a marathon afternoon nap.


Deanna Williams said...

Blogs are great for communicating with Nanna. Hopefully I will figure out how to upload pictures as well. Yes, Andrea, you must have oodles of time. The pics are cute and the tree looks great! I'll start checking your blog daily
I love you all

jewels v said...

Great to see that you have joined the blogging community. Feel free to wonder over to mine sometime. It is amazing to me how kiddos make sense of things. Easter Christmas tree--lots of fun

Denise :o) said...

Your children are adorable!! Love the idea of an Easter Tree. Maybe next year.

Thanks for the comment on my blog. As you might have guessed, Kyrgyzstan is the other country I am watching over the next year to see how things go before moving ahead with another adoption. I may hit you up for advice later on! ;o)