Thursday, April 26, 2007

Clean Bills of Health

C and AP had their 4 year and 1 year check-ups today. Both are doing great. For the first time, C received no shots. He was excited about that. He passed the hearing test with flying colors. He had refused to do it at his 3 year appointment. He passed the vision test with one eye, then when he switched to the other eye he said he couldn't see. Personally, I think he was tired of cooperating, but they took pics of his eyes to determine if they see any problems. He is up to a whopping 33 pounds and is 3'6". AP is now up to 17 pounds. Poor girl got 3 shots and goes back in 6 weeks for more, then 6 weeks later for more...then she should be about caught up. Needless to say, she is not a happy camper today...but it has not affected her appetite :)

UPDATE** No problems with C's eyes. I guess he just got tired of playing the "tell me what you see" game. The shots have really taken a toll on AP. She has had a fever all day and did lose her appetite, which for her is a big deal :(


Tapsalteerie said...

Sorry to hear that AP has had a rough day :( Beckett was sore and grouchy if you touched his legs but that was about it. We go back in just over a week for round 2 which I'm sure isn't going to be fun.

Deanna Williams said...

I hope Aylin feels much better today.
Rachel and Nick had dinner with us last night and NOAH saw a squirrel and ran for it and dragged the grill out into the yard. The hot coals and the steaks were in the grass. Luckily, he was so fraked when it happened, he did not eat our dinner.
I am coming down on Thursday morning, 05/17. I will be there the entire next week. I am looking forward to it.
Your pics are all around my desk, but being with you in person is soooo much better.
I love you all....see ya soon !

Deanna Williams said...

Noah was freaked not fraked !