Sunday, April 22, 2007

Good Friends, Fine Dining, and Busy Birthdays

On Friday my girlfriends (from the spa day) and their husbands, along with Andy and I, went to Maggiano's for a great dinner. The boys had attempted to plan a surpise dinner celebrating S and D's birthdays. However, there were several nagging wives that broke their husbands down until they let the cat out of the bag (me being one of them). It was a lot of fun...and our first date since bringing AP home. We only called home once to check in :) There was soooooooooooooo much tasty food. We all left stuffed and somewhat miserable, but it was well worth it.

Saturday was C's 4th birthday. It was such a busy day. We started out with birthday muffins for breakfast. We had soccer pictures, followed by the first game that has actually not been cancelled due to weather. C was not in good spirits. Game time coincided with a nap we were missing. C actually fell asleep at one point on the bench :( He eventually refused to play and just watched.

After running home to pick up a few things, we headed to C's birthday party at Chuck E. Cheese. C fell asleep on the way there, but the power nap made a world of difference. C had a blast at his party. He was so into Chuck E. He danced with him and even climbed on stage at one point. He loved having everone sing to him. He got a lot of great presents, then it was off to play all the games. He had so many tokens that after another hour or so we were trying to find ways to waste them. I think he played every game in the place. He had 1700 tickets by the end! That only translates into a racecar, a hammer, and a few plastic snakes, but to C it was great. He had so much fun with family and friends. Thanks to everyone who came to celebrate!


Jewels V said...

Happy Birthday to Charlie!!!!

Tapsalteerie said...

Looks like a good time was had by all!! Naps are amazing things aren't they?

Happy Birthday C!