Thursday, April 5, 2007

She Drinks!

This is a huge step at our house. Drinking has been a battle with our girl. For the last few weeks it was Capri-Suns only, much to the dismay of nutritionists everywhere. Every few days I would try a new kind of cup or a different drink with no luck. Tuesday night I tried the same pink cup that I have tried at least ten other times, but for some reason she just drank. and drank. and drank. Now she won't stop. So no need to worry anymore about her calcium intake, believe me she is getting it.

The doc from Vandy called this morning after breakfast. I was a little worried to hear the actual doc on the other end, I thought for a second that the doc only calls when the news is not too good, otherwise it would be a nurse on the other end of the line. But, I guess he's just a nice guy b/c all of her labwork so far has been negative, woohoo! The only things that haven't come back yet are the syphillis and the stool tests (that's another story not appropriate to post here, but it it is one of those things that earns your Mom badge). We go today to get her TB test read. She has the same scar from the TB vaccine that her brother had, so I am hoping for the best, but preparing for the worst.

This pic is one I took this week to make her birthday party invites. We are only having a small family gathering, so I thought I'd post it so everyone else can see just how cute it is!


Mud said...

Happy Easter! Great news on her drinking from a cup.
Thank you for the birthday invite.
Love the picture. Love the smile!
Hi from Daddybob as I'm typing this for Mud who is standing over my shoulder as I type. She has her own account now and hopefully, can get it on webtv. Julie and Mud came over to eat Easter supper of ribs and Grandma Judy's special potato salad.
Love to all.
Mud and Daddybob

Daddy Bob said...

This is Daddy from a Hotel Lobby in Miami, FL. My laptop is being worked on. I'm on a business trip to the HQ. Happy 1st birthday to a very special AP. We love you bunches! Love to all in TN. Wish I was there! From Daddy Bob and Gradma Judy.