Thursday, April 12, 2007

Happy Birthday AP

What a busy birthday she had! We were invited over for a little playgroup in the morning. C had a lot of fun with the boys there. AP held her own quite well. Mrs. T was so nice, she had cupcakes there for AP's birthday. AP really liked the icing. This is her "I really like this" smile.
Then we went home to finish cleaning up the house and decorating for her little party. It was a little bit sad for me to think about her first year being gone and we got to share so little of it. Anyway, we had a great time with family at the party. AP really liked getting her own birthday cake.........until it became an icing trainwreck!

She didn't care too much about presents, so big brother stepped in to help out.

Isn't his shirt cute? It says "I'm the Big Brother". Thanks Aunt Heather.

On Tuesday we had AP's 1 year pictures and C's 4 year pictures made. Here are my favorites. I bought the CD, so I think it gives me the right to share the pics online (I hope). If not, don't call and turn me in.Have you ever seen anything so cute? We are truly blessed.


Shea said...

Happy Bday AP! Those pics are too cute! I'm hoping to take the boys and Sophie in soon for pictures! I'm hoping Xander will do his super-cute smile... but who knows :)

Deanna Williams said...

Oh My God !!!! These are the cutest pictures that I have ever seen. Happy late Birthday, Aylin. Hopefully I will never miss another one. Charlie, I will see you on Friday to share your birthday weekend. Andrea, we are ALL so blessed I love you all.

Nanna will be there Friday.

imtina said...


Those are some CUTE kids. I love the birthday pictures.