Thursday, April 5, 2007

Shout out to grandparents

A BIG Thanks from the kiddos to Nanna, Daddy Bob, and Grandma Judy for their Easter packages. They loved them!

Oh yeah, AP's TB skin test was negative! Praise God, no nine months worth of applesauce medicine.


Deanna Williams said...

Every morning I check to see if there are new pics of my beautiful grandchildren. And then I have a special smile all day long.

I am smiling now !

Nanna is so glad that you guys liked the Easter gifts. I will miss seeing you in your Easter frocks this weekend. I will see you on the 20th. I love you all!

imtina said...


I just found you! Your children are beautiful. I cannot wait to have my Kyrg daughter home like you. I will look forward to new pictures almost as much as your mom.