Sunday, May 4, 2008

Checking Out the Robin

Last night we ventured to Red Robin to see what all the rave is about. Actually, I had been last week at lunch with coworkers, but it was our first visit as a family. Ok, I am now in love with thisIt's the Banzai Burger. I'm confident that it is not good for you, but it sure does taste good. There is teriyaki sauce and pineapple on top of a great burger, not to mention the BOTTOMLESS fries. So my waistline can't visit there very often, but my taste buds will miss it. Dad, you would love it.

The kids favorite part was the TV in the floor.

Here is AP in protest of leaving (check out those cute piggies)

And on another note, it's so amazing to me how adopted kiddos will go back to stages that they missed in order to be able to move forward developmentally. We saw that in C and are seeing it in AP. Here is our fiercely independent AP getting her juice fed to her like a baby. She starts acting like a baby in every way, pretending that she can't talk or walk. She asks us for this every few days. I wish we could have been there to rock you when you were a tiny baby, sweet girl, but we will more than make up for lost time.


Jamie said... sweet is that pic of her in her daddy's lap. Love the pigtails! And man, now I am hungry!

Madelyn's Mommy said...

Ok glad we don't have a Red Robbin around here because that looks good!

I love rocking Madi to sleep. I will do it as long as she will let me.

Cute pics.


Jackie said...

You've been a busy blogger ;) So many posts I had to catch up on.

That pic of AP in daddy's lap is so sweet.

Love the necklace from your hubby...he rocks!!!