Friday, May 2, 2008

Spring Sing and Urology

C's program at school, Spring Sing, was....entertaining. And C was the most entertaining of them all. He may not have done the motions with the rest of his class, but he sure made up some cool moves of his own.
(doing the macarena)

He took a moment to rock out on his air guitar, too :) This program also signifies the "graduation" from Pre K, but C gets to do it again next year! He is actually excited about moving to the class next to his.
(receiving his "diploma" and hug)

Our afternoon at Vanderbilt Childrens went well, too. That hospital is soooooooo kid-friendly. It's crazy, there is more to entertain the kids there than there is at our own house. Basically, the urologist told us to ignore some things and make some diet changes. We also got a prescription to try, so we shall see if this helps his issues.

It's getting ready to storm here, so there may not be a soccer game tomorrow :(

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Maria said...

We just had our school musical too, so seeing C "doing his own thing" made me laugh. You'll see Josh doing "his own thing" on my blog (one day???) too. I LOVE VCH (if you've got to like a place like that). They do it right for kids. I'm glad things were not too traumatic for AP. Her dress was darling!! Hoping to get to see a photo and some medicals one of her "cousins" really soon. :-) Stay safe during the storms.