Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Three down...A Gazillion to go

Not really a gazillion, more like 14 or so. We had our meeting with our post placement social worker last night so that she can write our third post placement report to send back to Kyrg. That means that AP has been here almost 18 months! The reports are due every 6 months for the first three years and then yearly until she turns 14. The reports are very important, especially right now. If you don't follow Kyrg adoptions, then you wouldn't know that there is a "hold" so to speak on adoptions right now while they "restructure". They are in the process of examining adoptions that have taken place to make sure that everything is above board. We want to do all that we can to show that we are taking great care of AP so that adoptions can continue to happen and her little orphanage buddies can continue to find forever families.
On another note, our social worker with our homestudy agency recently changed. We now have a beautiful lady that was adopted from Korea to the US as an infant. It is so neat to sort of see things full circle. She is very happy, self confident, has a loving family, and is passionate about adoption. These are all the things I wish for AP and C. I hope that they will see the fact that they are adopted as a blessing and not a curse. I know that it is not all smiles and roses, but I would love to see a passion for adoption in them that they embrace. I would love to see them feel secure enough in who they are and where they came from to share that with others. Maybe I'll call up our social worker's mother and ask how she did it...


Madelyn's Mommy said...

I am working on my first post placement report. Somehow this paperwork seems so much easier to do! Maybe it is the fact that Madi is home!!! :)

I too want that same passion for Madi.


Maria said...

Shhhh.. I have a surprise and it's a LOT like AP. Check my blog tomorrow for "news". :-)