Monday, May 26, 2008

His Zoo

C's wish was granted and we were able to take Daddy B and Grandma to "his zoo" today. There was a rain shower that morning that left it pretty humid for our visit, but not too bad. These first pictures are at the massive playground there. We decided to visit the playground first before it was too crowded. I have a hard time keeping up with C when it is packed in there. AP loved the jump area and, much to his dismay, C is now too tall to jump :(After playing, we headed through the zoo. We ran into an old friend, who was actually my boss when I worked as a hostess downtown in my college days. He is now the manager over the food service at the zoo. So we got to reconnect with an old friend and get free lunch!


Maria said...

Had a chuckle at AP's glasses picture. Looking at pictures of home makes me homesick. :-) Can't wait until Ellie-belly is home and we can go to the zoo with you guys!!

Gen 's Family Story said...

Wow, that looks like too much fun, and the jump area looks like a little swimming pool! I want to come too@