Saturday, May 24, 2008

So Many Pictures So Little Time

We had a fun cookout with Daddy B and Grandma at our house last night. Grandma taught me a little more about my camera settings, so I had some fun taking pics of the cute kiddos. (daddy's giving a peace sign)

Then this morning I had two little helpers for cupcake making before we headed to C's soccer party.

We had professional pics done this afternoon. They turned out really good. I was so surprised. AP can be so stubborn. She would let the photographer take one shot, then she would say "Good Job" and clap for her and get up. If I tried to convince her to sit back down she would lose it. Of course, I didn't want pictures of her screaming so I would try to appease her. I was crawling around on the floor and making an idiot out of myself just to keep her distracted enough to play along for a few pictures! I'll post a few of the good ones when I get them on this computer. Hope you are all enjoying your weekend!

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Maria said...

I love the watermelon dress picture. Can you believe school is out? Where did the time go? Tomorrow is "Meetcha" day for us. We are excited!