Friday, May 30, 2008

What A Difference A Year Makes

We had our 2 year and 5 year check ups this week. At two years old, AP weighs in at 24.5 pounds and is 33 inches tall. She is perfectly proportionate and petite. She wowwed them with her vocabulary (we quit counting at 125 words) and her fine motor skills are also above average. We are still battling her nose that NEVER stops running, but hopefully we have a new plan of attack. At five years old, C weighs in at 36 pounds and is 44.5 inches tall. He once again is below the 10 percentile for weight and above the 75th for height. He is going to be so much taller and skinnier than his mom and dad!

Here are their pics from the photographer last week:
And as a point of reference, this is what they looked like a year ago. AP has changed so much! And, of course, C is getting more and more handsome :)
Check out how much AP has changed:

Oh, and this will be the view for us next week-

We leave for the beach bright and early in the morning!


Pamela said...

These photos are absolutely precious! My fav is of AP lying on C's back...just darling! It's great to get the developmental updates, too.


Jamie said...

Beautiful photos. Your kids have great style! Oh wait, maybe that's mom:) A year has changed a lot! Enjoy the beach! There are some great photo ops there, too!

Maria said...

The photos are stunningly beautiful of both of your babies. I know you are a proud mama. I love the one with her on his back. Can you give me advise on how to get my baby back from my son? :-) I'm jealous of your vacation!!! When we get back from trip 2, we MUST get together ASAP!!

smileysk8 said...

Wow AP has changed SO much! Your kiddos are adorable!

Hilary Marquis said...

Precious! I love the one of AP on C's back. We have the shaved pics of Anara too, it is amazing how much hair changes their look. They are adorable!

Jackie said...

What fabulous photos of your kiddos. I also love the pic of AP on C's back. I cannot believe how much they have changed since the pics from a year ago. You must be so proud!!!!

Allison said...

Beautiful children! These pictures are gorgeous. I can't believe how much they change in a year.
Have a great vacation!

Gen 's Family Story said...

I love these photos! It's amazing to see how much they both have changed...they are incredibly beautiful babies-yes they will always be our babies! AP on C's back is my vote too!!!