Saturday, July 19, 2008

Adventures in Science

Yesterday C and I spent the day at The Adventure Science Museum here in Nashville while AP spent the day with Boompa and Baba (thanks guys!). The first thing on the agenda was the new planetarium show. There has been much talk about the "new planetarium". I kept wondering what was so new about it because I went to the planetarium there when I was in elementary school! Apparently, the new part is a new fancy schmancy projector that shines millions of more stars. Honestly, it seemed pretty much the same and the scientific part was a little over C's head, but I think he liked the experience of it.

After that we meandered through the rest of the exhibits. C was just tall enough to do the space walk experience (kind of like a reverse bungee), but alas he was 14 pounds too light! This is a pic of he and his friend J just watching and wishing they could do it :(

I think C spent the longest time at this little truck that you could change the tires on. He and his friends took the bolts on and off and on and off.
But if you ask him, he like the dinosaurs the best. You can see his little head in the bubble in the next picture. My favorite part was the game where you battle the germs with laser guns! And yes, the parents played in this one, too :)
C and I climbed to the very tip top of the tower. (Mom and R, it reminded me of the tallest tower of Nastina's castle!) Here are a few pics at the top.
It was a fun time with our friends, but I have to admit that Chattanooga's museum was a little better. Sorry Nashville.

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Maria said...

No comparison to Chattanooga's Discovery Museum, BUT, I love the science musuem. We spent many summers there when Josh was about C's age. We haven't been in a bit and should try to tackle it again before he grows totally out of it. Glad to see all the changes there from your pictures.