Thursday, July 24, 2008

Good Times Poolside

I have mentioned here before that I have a group of friends that used to be referred to as "The Five" in high school. We all five went to school together from 1st grade and then 4 of us went on to college together. We are still the best of friends today and it is so much fun to spend time with them and watch our kiddos grow up together. Today 4 of the 5 met up at D's mom's clubhouse for some fun in the sun. The kiddos had a great time. C has perfected his floatie-free swimming and has even started doing flips underwater! AP has the most fun jumping off the side. AP has been diaper free for 3 days now! So far so good. We took her potty with us to the pool and she got out 4 times and peepeed in it. I thought that was pretty good considering most kids pee in the pool anyway :(


Denise said...

That was quick! K & I had a great time today! We've got something special.

Madelyn's Mommy said...

It is great that you have close friends that you have had since grade school! I bet ya'll have some stories to tell. :)


Gen 's Family Story said...

That looks like a ton o fun!!! Wow, good Job, AP!!!