Sunday, July 27, 2008

Pottying and Wiiing

Our girl just finished her 6th day with no diapers! Woo Hoo! This morning at church was a huge victory for her. She stayed in her class for a little over three hours and told her teacher everytime she had to peepee! That was her first time away from me using the potty. We have had a few accidents when she has been busy, but overall I think she is really getting it. The Gerber training panties are the best (not the plastic ones, but the cotton ones). They contain accidents way better, but still feel like panties and not a pull-up or diaper. Here she is after church when we were celebrating her big-girlness :)

We had dinner tonight at my aunt and uncle's. The highlight of the night was getting to play a Wii for the first time! Uncle got one for his birthday last week. Here is Hubs bowling and golfing. I want one!


Maria said...

I love APs dress! Where'd you get it? Congrats on her "big-girledness!!". Wii is lots of fun. I just found out there is a Skeeball game too!

Madelyn's Mommy said...

Go AP!!! That dress is really cute. I want a wii too. They look like so much fun.


Gen 's Family Story said...

way to go AP!!! I love that dress too!!! Thanks for the tips on the gerber panties!!!

Hilary Marquis said...

Yay big girl!!! So, did hubby share the wii with the kids? My dad just got one for the grandkids to play at their house. All I heard the other night was, "Daddy, can we have a turn now?!" My hubby is a great big kid too :)

Adrienne and Jim said...

Wow! Way to go!! Where did you get the Gerber trainers? Owen is very interested in pottying, and we don't have underoos yet. :)

LOVE the blog design by the way!