Monday, July 7, 2008

Lions and Tigers and Kung Fu Pandas

Saturday night Hubs and I were debating on whether or not to go to a concert, but we had a change of heart and decided to have a family night instead. We took the kiddos to see Kung Fu Panda. C has been asking to go see that since the previews came out and McD's started pushing it with their toys. He was not let down and hasn't stopped talking about Po the panda. Last week when we went to the matinee I saw other parents carrying in little booster seats for toddlers. So this time I figured out where they hid the little seats and AP thought she was big stuff. The booster makes their seat stay down and keep from flipping back up and it also has a little cup holder and popcorn holder. Here she is thinking she's a real big girl in her seat at the movies for the second time in one week!

Today the kiddos and I spent the day at the zoo (C's zoo :) It went really smooth this time, even though it was the first time I had taken them solo. We usually have friends or family with us. I think the kiddos know what to expect now, so they obeyed so well! They got back in the wagon after each animal and let me pull them.
We had great timing today, too. We got to see a bird show and the kiddos absolutely loved it! There was a hawk named Diego and C thought that was way cool. The hawk was trained to fly right over the kiddos' heads. I couldn't believed how mesmerized they were.

We also got to Alligator Cove just in time for feeding time!

Then we ran into our old friend again who is the manager of food service and he treated us to lunch again! It was a great zoo visit.
Tomorrow we are heading to movies yet again (the free ones this time). Then we are tagging along on a business trip with Hubs to the 'Nooga. We might even try out their zoo!

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Maria said...

Well, you go girl. We want to go see Kung Fu Panda and hope to when Josh is feeling better. I think we are going to try to hit the "freebie" movies on Wednesday. I'm hoping J will feel well enough to get out. Have fun in Chattanooga. There is TONS to do there for the kiddos. Try the Discovery Museum (I think that's the name).