Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Back At The Zoo

Last summer we spent many days at our local zoo. Today was our first day back this year. I went with C's class on his field trip. Although it was a school field trip, the class doesn't stay together, so it was really like we went to the zoo by ourselves. It was PERFECT weather for a zoo visit.
Tonight we read a new book that we ordered through Scholastic and C's school. At the end of the book the old lady burped up a sandcastle and C thought it was HILARIOUS! He seriously laughed for almost five minutes. So I just thought I'd give an impromptu preschool book review and recommend that if you see it in the next book order it is totally worth the $1 that it cost!And you didn't think I could get away with not taking a picture of AP and her book did you???

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Lori said...

That book is SO cute! There are more and more of the Old Lady Who...books coming out and the kids simply crack up! I probably order more from the book orders than my kids do!!!