Thursday, May 21, 2009

The End of a Chapter

Today was a happy yet sad day. It was C's last day of preschool, also more than likely the last day at the school he attends. I was planning on him going tomorrow because they have a half day, but when I picked him up his teacher told me there was really no need for the students to come tomorrow. I just said "ok, then maybe we'll just stay home." I got in my car and drove off, then it hit me-- that makes today his last day. ever. I didn't even hug the teacher or thank her for all she did and the little extras she did for C. I just drove off. I felt so bad once I realized that was the last time I would talk to his teachers. I may be biased, but I know that C really was a favorite and will be missed.

At least I thought ahead a little bit and gave the teachers their end-of-the-year presents today. I have heard that teachers get tired of the cheesy handmade gifts and would prefer a simple gift card or something they can really use. So you teachers out there let me know if that's true. We went the cheesy handmade route. I couldn't resist. I made totes in the school colors and C made little plaques with his hand print and a note from him.

Then to make today even more special C got a HOMERUN tonight!!!!!!! He actually didn't step on first or third base, but the other team didn't protest and he was soooooo excited! He got the gameball, too!

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Joelton Mets said...

Congratulations to C -- both for finishing this year of preschool and for his HOMERUN!!! Josh will be proud of him too -- I'll tell him in the morning.