Wednesday, May 13, 2009

On Dry Land

After having the last FIVE games rained out, C finally got to play two games this week. The clouds rolled in today and we thought that today's game might not make it, but the rain held off. C was moved to the infield to play 3rd base for one inning tonight. It was very exciting!

And here are C's biggest fans (apart from his mom and dad, of course :)

And an AP Speech update: We met with the school team today to get the official results of her evaluation. The official diagnosis on the report was "severe delay in speech sound development". The weird thing to me about AP's speech problem is that she can make every sound, she doesn't make them at the right place in the word. Her vocabulary is HUGE, but unless you know her pattern of turning words around then you don't know what she is saying. For example, today she was telling me about her baby's diapers and she says "boppers" instead of diapers. So I was trying to get her to break the word down. She can say "die" and "pers", but then when you say okay now say "diapers", she say "die-boppers"! Anyway, she will receive 30 minute sessions three times a week starting in the fall. It was too late in the school year to start now. Her evaluation also had words thrown in like "uncooperative" and "decreased attention", but I really think a lot of that had to do with the fact that she just turned 3.

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Jamie said...

C looks SO BIG playing baseball. I think Z is gonna be my ballplayer- the girl has an arm on her! AP's speech patterns sound pretty adorable...sometimes when they fix them you start to miss them :) All for the best I suppose- good luck to her!