Thursday, May 7, 2009

So I Don't Forget

This blog is serving as babybooks/scrapbooks for the time being. My goal is to make the blog into books of each year at some point. I hope to have a lot more time on my hands in the near future, so maybe I can do it then :)

There have been several things that the kiddos have said or done in the last few weeks that I have been meaning to write down (or type) so that I wouldn't forget them.

Here goes:

* I love the way that C says his favorite tree is a weefing willow. We pass one every day after school and he says "there's the weefing willow." And I don't correct him because it's just so cute :)

* I love the way that AP says pants, it sounds like "tamps"

*I love the way that AP has just started to make the 's' sound. It's precious.

* I love the way that C has gotten back out of bed the last few nights to tickle me one last time :)

* I love how C informed his teacher today that he does "something important every day." He didn't elaborate, just left it at that.

* I love the way that AP has gone from being mad at God for not going to a hotel with her to proclaiming that God is her friend and that He likes it when she prays. She will freely share that God loves her.

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Lori said...

One day she will really laugh at herself for being mad at God for not going to the hotel with her. That still makes me laugh out loud!