Saturday, May 30, 2009

When I Should Have Been Packing...

I was watching AP model her numerous swimsuits,

playing Candyland,
and winning! much to C's dismay...

picking AP up from her last day at her awesome babysitter's house,

dipping waffle fries in ice cream

meeting up with this Kyrgyz cutie

and watching her entertain us with the itsy bitsy spider :)

taking AP to get her first real manicure (she loved it!)

and watching the last game of the Riverdogs season!


Maria said...

Have I mentioned how much I LOVE AP's new haircut? So very cute. Love our goodies. I've "lifted" the pix and will cross post them on my site. Have fun on vacation.

Lori said...


Jackie said...

Such great pics!! Love the bathing suit, and AP's haircut is so cute. Was this her first haircut? Soon Noli will need one, but I cannot imagine her sitting still in a chair for 2 min!!

Deanna Williams said...

What beautiful square shoulders and such a great swimsuit. Watch out Dad!