Tuesday, May 12, 2009

The Other Little Graduate

My cousin was not the only graduate this weekend. C graduated from preschool Friday! This was actually the second time that he had graduated since he repeated the last year. I know now that we made the best decision to wait a year for kindergarten. He has grown so much this year, physically and emotionally. Watching the program was just a reminder of that because last year it was too hard for him to keep up with the songs they were singing. He definitely could not do the motions and remember the words at the same time. This year he was a pro at it! That's not to say that he did what he was supposed to be doing the whole time, he still gets bored and distracted easily, but I don't think that's ever going to change :)

C had his own cheering section there-- Nanna, Uncle, Aunt K, Mom, Dad, AP, Boompa and Baba! A big thanks to Nanna for taking AP to the potty and missing the actual graduation part so I could take pictures!
Later that day my sister and family came in town. Seriously, could you not just eat her up??

The kiddos had fun together as always. Here they are enjoying a naked breakfast :)
C will kill me when he is older for sharing these pictures, but they are just too cute!
He said he was doing a cowboy dance :)

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Shannon said...

SO CUTE! Congratulations C!!