Wednesday, June 9, 2010

back too soon ~ warning: photo overload!

Last weekend Hubs had a conference for work in Orange Beach, AL. That's definitely a family-tag-along destination! We left home Friday morning and made it to the beach by dinnertime. We walked out to the sand as soon as we got there and were greeted by a rainbow. Can you see it? Saturday morning we hit the beach first thing. The news of the day was that the oil from the oil spill had rolled in to that area over night. I didn't get a good picture, but it looked like dime size little puddles of oil. When you stepped on it or sat on it, it was sort of Play-Doh consistency. But, there were very few spots and it did not stop any of the beach fun.

Saturday night we went to eat at TackyJack's. It had a great atmosphere with live music and overlooked the water.

Sunday and Monday we were at the resort where the conference was. It was about a mile down the beach from our first hotel and there was no oil there. You could tell that some resort areas were more protected from the spill. They had boats and nets set up that were keeping the oil from getting to shore.
C LOVES the ocean. He loves to jump the waves. He was a little braver this year. He decided he liked to let the big waves knock him down and then float under them. I can remember thinking that was fun when I was younger, but it was nerve wracking to watch!
I would watch him swim under the waves, then wait for this cute little face to pop up!
Sunday night we ate at Cosmo's. It was a cute little restaurant that had a unique menu. There was a gift shop with dog accessories and wine accessories. I thought that was a funny combination!

Monday afternoon there was a sandcastle building contest for the kiddos of the people there for the conference. Hubs helped C and I helped AP.

I may be biased, but I think ours was better! And I think the contest was rigged! Not that it even matters, but the "castle" that won was not even a castle, it was a sand person.
Our last sunset, so sad! If you look closely, you can see a red line in the water. That was the net or suction or whatever it was that was set up to keep the oil off the beach.
It was a great trip that went by too fast. We came home and went straight into Vacation Bible School mode. Our theme this year is Saddle Ridge Ranch. I already have the western sounding songs stuck in my head!


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