Sunday, June 20, 2010


Friday we met up with our adventuresome friends and drove about an hour north to Dinosaur World in Cave City, KY. We pass the big dino that stands by the interstate every time we drive up to Ohio so it was about time we actually stopped to see what it was all about.
As soon as we got there C posed himself and said "mom, take my picture!" That's my boy. All of our friends posed in front of a dino bone.

C demonstrated the fins on this guy's head.

Riding on a woolly mammothThis shot really made me feel like I was in a Chevy Chase Vacation movie :)

C loves that his little friend hasn't moved to Texas yet. They are waiting for their house to sell. Here they were pretending to be horses :)

Our last stop was to excavate dinosaur bones.
It was even hotter than it was outside in the area where the excavation was happening. AP asked if she put the water bottle on her brain would it make her think she was cooler?! That's thinking!
We stopped on the way home at Cheney's Dairy Barn somewhere near Bowling Green. They had really good ice cream and sold other dairyish stuff, too. We saw that they have a schedule for farm tours and hope to go back this summer to check that out!


Jamie said...

love the water bottle on the head!

Carmen said...

My boys always beg to stop there on our way to Ohio and home from Ohio. I've always meant to do it. Was it worth it? The pics look interesting. Maybe we'll make that a summer stop before this baby is born. Let me know.