Thursday, June 24, 2010

saturday in the park

Last Saturday both my cousins were nice enough to take us and our friends out on the lake. The temps here have been close to 100 degrees so it was a perfect way to try to beat the heat.
While we were waiting for the boats to put in the kiddos and their friends pretended to be pirates. The mommas and their girls

They got a new island that the kiddos LOVED, actually we all loved it. It was a great way to lay in the lake water without actually laying in the lake water :)
The big boys on noodles

This picture makes it look like they know what they're doing. They ended up being rescued after floating too far away.

We had a lot of fun playing on the lake with our friends. At least we were cool the first half of the day because after we dried off and grabbed a bite to eat we were off to a birthday party for one of C's teammates at Greer Stadium, home of the Nashville Sounds minor league baseball team. It was hoooooooot there. There were inflatables to jump on, but I only let the kiddos play a little because it was seriously way too hot.

By about the 6th inning it started to cool off a little bit.

There was a great fireworks show after the game!

It was a long fun day for sure!


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smileysk8 said...

So cute! Look at those little flushed faces. Looks like fun. :0)

Shannon said...

Thanks for a great day!! I love the expressions when watching the fireworks...cute!!!

Brand New Mama said...

I love weekends at the lake. My in-laws have a boat and a condo on Lake Erie, only 40 minutes away and we rarely get to go. Your pics have inspired me to take a break and make the time! Ok, I totally had to look twice at the first pic of you and your friend wearing sunglasses holding the babes b/c you look a lot like ME in that photo! Crazy!