Wednesday, June 30, 2010

just more summer fun

Tuesday we decided on a whim after breakfast to head to the zoo for the day. The weather was a tad cooler than it has been and the zoo was not nearly as crowded as it has been. It was a great zoo day! The kiddos were most impressed by this dragonfly and wanted to make sure I got a picture of him.

Mirror images almost...
This alligator was following C.

Since the zoo was not super crowded the lorakeets were actually hungry enough to eat.

C was this excited because he was about to get splashed.

And here we are in soaked clothes for the 2nd day in a row!
Today we went to the free summer movies and saw "Aliens in the Attic". It was the first time that the kiddos sat through a non-animated movie. AP declared boredom a few times, but C loved it! He asked if we could go buy it. After the movies we ran a few errands then came back to the fountains to cool off.

AP found a friend to hunt butterflies with and she finally caught one!


Maria said...

Are you serious??? Where did you find a UT bathing suit??? :-) Too cute!! Sorry to hear about the child who didn't know how to behave at the fountains. Good thing we didn't come -- Josh would have clobbered him!!

Anonymous said...