Tuesday, June 15, 2010

she gets out on the tomboy side every now and then

We've already had a busy fun-filled first few weeks of summer. And I've been having so much fun that I haven't taken pictures! We finished up VBS last week and then last Thursday and Friday Hubs and I went to the CMA fest. We saw too many artists to list, but my personal favorites were Lady Antebellum, Keith Urban, and Miranda Lambert. We stayed up way too late those 2 nights and paid for it for several days! We've also been swimming with friends several times. And I haven't taken a single picture of any of it!
However, I did get a picture of my little tomboy that caught 2 frogs last weekend. She gave one to her brother who wasn't about to try to catch it! Yes, she has a little frog in those tiny hands. Guess what she named the frog? If you've been around her recently then you know that she has named everything Erin Elizabeth since this little one was born.

So now the real EE has a namesake that's a frog! Well, except for that AP loved her frog a little too much and he has gone to heaven :(


Maria said...

Do you think AP could come catch the three "Erin Elizabeth's" that are living in our pond, er, pool in the back yard? They are about the size of a small dog, I think!

Anonymous said...