Sunday, December 19, 2010

PJ Day and a Mexican Farewell

Thursday was Christmas PJ Day and Christmas party at AP's preschool. Friday was a half day for her and her last day before the holiday break. Hubs picked her up early Friday, took her on a lunch date, then she spent the rest of the day at his office with him. She was ooohed and aaahed over by all his coworkers and she loved it :) She has been telling anyone who will listen about getting to go to work with daddy.Thursday night we met our friends for a Mexican dinner. It was an impromptu squeeze-in-one-last-visit dinner before they really and truly left on Friday.

We have had almost 6 months to deal with the fact that one of C's very best friends was moving. I think that because we had so long to continue to play with them, C never really understood what it meant that they were leaving. He knew they were moving, but yet we still saw them all the time and J was still in class every day. But, just before we left the house to meet them for dinner, C came to me very upset. He said he just didn't think school would be fun anymore because J wouldn't be there :( I agreed with him that it was very sad, but then we talked about how fun it was going to be to go visit their new city! Now it has only been 3 days since they left and the kiddos are already asking if we can get on an airplane!!

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Jamie said...

Can't wait till summer!