Sunday, December 26, 2010

We Are The Champions

A new tradition was born this year. The Christmas Play-Offs. My aunt came up with crazy games. We competed as couples. There were 5 teams.

The first game was to sort 6 tins of jingle bells by weight. Then we had to get an ornament into a marked square using a present, but without touching the ornament in any way.
Next up was moving a gingerbread man from your forehead to your mouth only using your facial muscles. No hands allowed. This was hilarious to watch!

But it was not quite as funny as this! This is my mom and my uncle. They were first up to try and move an ornament that was hanging on a string in the kitchen to a pickle jar in the floor in the living room only using the force of your faces together!

Yep. 2 grown men. Not related.

This was the race that moved Hubs and I into first place! I'm not sure, but I think we did it in 11 seconds! The prizes were awesome. Our grand prize was 2 tickets to see Shrek the musical at TPAC in January! And I do have the video of our winning race, but I have to figure out how to move it from our Flip.
As soon as we got home, it was time for Pj's and putting the reindeer food in the yard. Our yard was covered in snow so the kiddos just threw the food from our front steps :)

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Carmen said...

Looks like your aunt has been watching Minute to win it. Too fun! Hope you guys had a great Christmas.