Sunday, December 19, 2010

Third Annual First Snow Day Playdate

Last Monday was our annual first snow day of the year play date.

I think there were over 20 kiddos running through the house. Our host is braver than I am!

This year we broke out the face paints and the kiddos loved it.

The first snow day couldn't have come at a better time because our host was the same friend who was moving to Texas. And actually, as I type, they are on the road somewhere between here and there. She was really excited to get to have all the kiddos together one more time. She jokingly asked who was hosting next year and I told her we were all driving to Texas!

When we got back home there was barely enough snow to play in, but the kiddos enjoyed riding their bikes in it. It was too cold for me!
I think we ended up getting a little over three inches of snow, at least that's what we measured with our ruler on our patio table. Our schools were closed Monday and Tuesday. I know our friends up north think that is ridiculous! We also got out of school an hour early on Wednesday because the weatherman said it might rain and it might get below freezing. It ended up doing neither!

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