Monday, December 27, 2010

St. Nick was here

The kiddos slept later than we thought they would on Christmas morning. I think they made it until almost 7 am!

After presents we had a big family breakfast, then most went back to bed! In the afternoon, we took the kiddos to see Yogi Bear. It was really cute..well...what I saw of it. I was so tired that I napped through the middle part :)

After dinner, we had one last present exchange with Daddy B and Grandma. At this point. C's mystery illness was returning and he had a fever. You can tell in the picture that he was just sort of staring at his presents. Poor guy :(

AP could have kept opening presents all night!

We had a wonderful Christmas! I am so thankful that we were surrounded by so much family this year. The kiddos loved having Nanna, Daddy B, and Grandma here at our house. Yesterday all the grandparents left within about an hour and it was sooooooooo quiet. We miss them already!

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