Wednesday, January 26, 2011

9 and 10

I feel like all I have written about has been snow days. Well, guess what? We were out of school again today! And....tomorrow, too. Today has been the laziest snow day we've had thus far. At least it has been for the kiddos and the dogs.

This is how our dog Frank sits on the end of the couch. He would sit like that all day if we let him.

I have not been lazy, though. I have been in closet-cleaning mode. At first it seemed I was making more of a mess than anything else.

But slowly, organization and simplified closet spaces emerged.

AND I organized my new craft closet. This weekend we bought a free standing closet to put in our office just for craft stuff. I can never put my hands on things when I or the kids need it for something.
Now it's all in one spot, everything from my HandyStitch
(yes, I own one and have even made curtains with it)
to my candy making supplies
(that I used twice but have every intention of using again)
to an entire jewelry making kit that I never even opened
(at one point I thought I might make my own jewelry, I don't know why).

I would still like to add baskets to better organize this closet. It's a work in progress.
The best part of my cleaning day is that I now have 2 big bags of stuff to donate and 1 big bag to throw away. We still have way too much stuff, but one of my favorite things to do is get rid of it!
Anyone want a jewelry making kit?


Jamie said...

Beautiful snow pictures. Thinking about you guys every time I get an e-mail that school is closed. I will take motivation from you and go work on my craft closet. I have all the jewelry making tools also and tons of accessories. I made bracelets for Ladybug when she was little. Motivation for me to get them out and play someday. Take care! Tell the kids hello.

Sally...4 boys + 1 princess.. said...

Wow you sure have had a lot of snow days. We are only on #2! Love the picture of your dog on the couch. Ours dosen't go on the couch, but will prop his head up on the end and he will fall asleep that way hoping we don't yell at him to get off. I am so not a craft person, but I do like your shirts. Hoping school will be back in session tomorrow!