Thursday, January 27, 2011

That Was Easy

We just started recycling at our house. Last week. I'm embarrassed that we hadn't done it sooner, especially since it was so super easy! I was prepared to have to separate everything out when we got there. For that reason, we only gathered our cardboard and plastic. We stopped drinking out of cans a while back, so we don't really ever have any metal/aluminum. When we got to the recycling area I was surprised by the new "streamlined" recycling. You just dump it all in together! No separating the cardboard from the plastic.

The kiddos loved it and I could tell they really felt like they were helping out.

We were super productive today. In addition to recycling, we took three bags to Goodwill and another bag to a friend for her little girl. I also got some sewing done.

I fell in love with this little front loader. I put it on a hamper, a onesie, and a burp cloth :)

I think, but I'm not holding my breath, that we may actually go to school tomorrow!

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