Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Babysittin Mama

If you know AP well you know that wherever she is, her baby or babies are not far behind! Girlfriend LOVES to mama her babies and does it all. day. long.

For Christmas, she got the Babysittin Mama Wii game.
You insert the controller in the baby.
Then the "mama", who sounds and looks very much like a Russian babushka!, tells you how to take care of the baby.

You have to rock her the right way,
and burp her at the right time.

You also feed her with the nunchuk and put her to sleep.

It is quite entertaining! AP did get a little frustrated because she didn't score very high due to her timing being off. We all know she's a good mama, though :)


Deanna Williams said...

Too Cute! Her hair is getting sooo long. Those pigtails show her sooo long hair in the picture.

The O'Neils said...

That is so cool and right up her alley!!!

Jamie said...

Too funny. Love it!

Sally said...

Love her outfit, is that an American Girl doll, or another kind? Since I just have Ava Grace as the only girl, she is still too young for American Girl, but she loves her dolls to.