Friday, January 21, 2011

Homework (or lack thereof) and More Snow

Another 2 inches of snow for us! You would think we lived up north and not in middle TN!

So we are now on snow day # 8 for this school year. It's a good thing our county builds in 13 snow days or we would be going to school all summer. At this rate, we may still.
We aren't going to know what to do when we have to go to school for 5 consecutive days!

So, speaking of school. This year C is in the 1st grade. He has no homework at all this year. None. Is that odd? Last year in kindergarten he had much more. We had several family projects to do last year, too. None this year so far. (we actually are working on a shirt for his 100th day of school, more on that later). I can see the pros and cons to homework, so I'm not really saying one teacher was right and one was wrong. However, I think that for the most part he needs to get used to doing a little homework because I know that next year he will have quite a bit.
So.... being the mean mom that I am, I created our own homework using his spelling lists and the stories that he is reading. He doesn't do it that often, maybe twice a week.
He can't stand it. It's not that he knows it's not real homework, it's just that he doesn't like to sit still and think. Last night he was sitting at our kitchen table with the task of putting his 12 spelling words in alphabetical order. ABC order comes easy to him, he gets it. But, he stared at that paper for 30 minutes and wrote 3 words.
We also use a website that allows you to enter their spelling list and then it creates online games and printable worksheets with their words. He LOVES that. See how excited he is to be taking an online spelling test?
I don't know the point of this homework ramble, but I just hope his real homework next year is on the computer!

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