Saturday, January 15, 2011

Thank you, snow!

For the unexpected gift of an entire week off of school! This just after a 2.5 week break and preceding a 3 day weekend due to MLK Day. You will never hear this girl complain about snow days!

On Snow Day #4, Thursday, we met up with friends to play. AP and Baby EE found the dog bed to play in (Don't worry, Mon, the dog had never used it!)

After we left that play date, we stopped by another friend's house to visit for a few more hours. I got home in time to get changed, make dinner, then out the door for Girls Night! I just love spending time with my girlfriends, something about knowing you aren't this alone :) Our poor waiter was ready to kick us out I'm sure. We sat at our table taking for almost 3 and a half hours!

Friday, snow day #5, brought more friends over to play. The boys were too into crashing their cars to join the girls for crafts.

We attempted to make things out of our Bendaroos. The commercials make it look much easier than it is.

Then we made Valentines mobiles that little G had seen in a magazine.

They turned out pretty cute!

Today we made it bright and early to a Vol themed skating party for 2 of the kiddos friends. The only downside to all this fun friend time is that the kiddos are not going to want to go back to school at all! They aren't going to know what to do when they actually have to get dressed, I think we have spent more time in our PJ's this last week than in our clothes :)


Deanna Williams said...

Hurray for all of your friends and your date book that is always filled !

RoadDog said...

The only problem with snow days, at least here in the North, is that you have to make them up.

I'd just rather get it over with and not have to go in when the weather is good.


I'm retired now so it doesn't matter.

Shannon said...

fun times!! looks like we will get another one Friday:)