Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Last Days Of School and Hello Summer!

Our summer has officially begun!!! We had to get through one super busy week to get here, though. This is what my dining room looked like last week - gift basket central :) I love putting together a coordinated gift basket! We had a slew of teacher and graduation gifts to give last week.

Wednesday was C's last day of first grade!
They had a luau to celebrate their last day, which is why he was sporting his Hawaiian shirt.
He truly loved his teacher this year. He was excited to give her the gift basket full of froggy things that we had been collecting. She loves frogs :) She also gave each child a very generous gift from her. I was amazed that she had put that much work into so many gifts. She gave them each a chalkboard that had been hand painted with a frog scene and his name, a frog insulated mug, a frog game, a frog money holder, and 2 books. C has already hung his board up on his door.
And just for comparison, here is C the first and last day of school this year. I don't think he changed that much this year. Still cute as ever :)

AP's last day of preschool was on Thursday. It was PJ and movie day, hence the Hello Kitty PJ's.

I had told her that since I was out of school that we could bring Sammy to show her friends on the last day. Normally C and I have to be at school before her.
She loved letting each friend pet her dog one at a time.
Then this is what surprised me. Our little sassy miss independent who said every day that she didn't like to go to school broke down on the last day of school. She cried and cried because she was going to miss her teacher too much. She hit the jackpot when it comes to teachers this year. Her teacher loves her like she was her own. We are really going to miss seeing her every day! Luckily she goes to our church, so we will still see her some ;)
And here is little miss on her first and last days of preschool. Big difference! Her bangs are gone (almost), but so is that little baby face! She looks so much more grown up to me. It is funny to note that she is wearing a Hello Kitty outfit on both days and the same bow :)

We have already jumped into summer at full speed! We've been swimming a few times, shopping a few times, and slept late every day! I could get used to this!

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