Wednesday, October 8, 2008

How Did THAT Happen?

How did my baby become old enough to have a loose tooth????? I think this is the first milestone that took me by surprise and made me want to stop time. He can't be growing up that fast! As soon as we got home today he ran to his room to find his book "Moose's Loose Tooth" because he was just like Moose now.

(the one that looks like it is loose, is actually not the loose one, that's the one that got knocked out of place 2 summers ago at the beach, I wish he would lose that one!)

And, of course, little sister wanted to share her teeth, too. Ignore the remnants of mac and cheese on her face :)

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Tapsalteerie said...

It's funny about the teeth... it is something of a sign of out growing the truly baby phase. C has changed so much from the little boy we met a couple summers ago!

AP is too cute, regardless of mac and cheese :)