Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Fire Safety

Sometimes I really wish there was a manual to this parenting thing. One that sort of broke things down into chapters like, "this is age appropriate for a five year old". Then I would have answers ready when I have conversations like I did today. Cause you know I would read ahead in the manual :)

C: Does the devil live in heaven with God and Jesus?

Mom: No

C: Then where does he live?

Mom: Well, there is a bad place that is really hot and has flames and he lives there because he doesn't love Jesus

C: Is he by himself there?

Mom: (thinking....) No, there are people that have to go there because they don't know Jesus.

C: Well, I know Jesus

Mom: Then you don't have to worry about it.

C: (after a pause of deep thought) Why don't those people just STOP, DROP, and ROLL?!?

Seriously, he is hilarious and doesn't even know it! He also asked a few weeks ago if the tooth fairy knows Jesus!


janiece said...

Oh that is funny! Kids come up with the darnest things!

Shannon said...

LOL...I have tears I am laughing so hard:)

Vikings Fan said...

Absolutely the BEST YEARS are when they are laying those questions out there just out of the blue. Didn't you get the manual? I thought it was just me!!

Jackie S said...

How do you contain yourself at those moments? Too funny ;)