Monday, October 27, 2008

The rest of the weekend

I got the green light from Maria, so here are the few pics I snapped of the little princess' homecoming!
AP was waiting very patiently to give balloons to the baby :)

She's too cute, right?

Hubs and I had a grand time on our little 24 hours away. The game...not so good. Sleeping until 9:45...awesome!

As soon as we picked up the kiddos and the dogs, it was time to go to a nearby park to celebrate another little friend's birthday. That was our 3rd birthday party of the week!


Madelyn's Mommy said...

That baby is precious!!!!

I am so jealous that you slept until 9:45!


Lori said...

The pic of your little one holding her hand to The Princess is SO sweet!! I love it!

Mala said...

So great that the newly home KG kids have 'already home' KG kids to welcome them!!!! It's amazing how much this community has grown!

eastandwest said...

Funny that you wrote that about AP and Moli's resemblence. Would you believe that I thought the same thing when I saw these pics last week? I had never thought it before either.

It's the cheeks. You gotta love the cheeks. And the cheesy camera smiles.