Monday, October 13, 2008

I need a break from my break!

We have been enjoying Fall Break from school since last Thursday and we have been BUSY! The main project that I wanted to accomplish was repainting C's room. When we moved to our house in March, C was excited that his room was a Titans room. He thought that was such a big boy room. However, his room was so dark that it felt like he was in a cave. It also had Titans wallpaper border around the middle of the room. I am not a big fan of wallpaper or really dark colors in kids' rooms, so we decided to take action. He really wanted it to still be a Titans room, so we found Glidden team colors at H@me Depot. We decided to make the top half of the room the lighter Titans blue and paint a red stripe around the middle. I got a new laser level and it is now my new best friend! It vacuum seals to the wall and shines a laser line around the wall so that you can tape a perfect straight line. I forgot to take a picture before we started but here is a picture after we had taped and primed the top. The walls were all the dark navy that is on the bottom.

After some painting we took a break to go practice our Superman swings!C also worked on perfecting his monkey bar techniques. He is really into monkey bars lately. He does it at school, at church, and at the park. He has even developed callouses on his hands from it!and some more jumping and sliding....After church yesterday we did some baking together. Of course the kiddos favorite part was licking the beaters. AP decided to clean her brother's face :)Then we finished the light blue on the top of the room and added the next line of tape to make the stripe. So far so good....Then this morning we were off to the zoo to meet some good friends. It wouldn't be a day at the zoo without greeting the meerkats first!
AP caught red handed putting leaves all over K's head! Little stinker!I am currently working on my FIFTH coat of red paint on that darn stripe! I'll be glad when I can share the finished product!

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J-momma said...

mmm...cake batter. love the hippo pic too.