Saturday, November 1, 2008

I'm It

I was TAGGED by fellow CWA momma, Amy. Her youngest is a cutie from China, but all of her kiddos are adorable!
You can see the rules require me to share 7 random or weird facts about myself and then tag 7 others. So, here goes:
1. I've never seen Top Gun, nor do I really have any desire to, especially now after TC has gone a little wacko.
2. When something really grosses me out, the backs of my knees and the insides of my elbows tingle.
3. I'm really good at math, but don't like it that much. All of my career guidance tests in high school and college said I should be something like an accountant. That would be my worst nightmare.
4. I'm always a few minutes late no matter how hard I try.
5. My favorite vegetable is the lima bean.
6. I turned thirty in Almaty, Kazakhstan.
7. I definitely don't feel old enough to be in my thirties.
I'm going to tag other blogging CWA mommas: Andrea, Gen, Shea, eastandwest, Brand New Mama, Jamie, and Julie


Michelle Smiles said...

Lima beans? *shudder*
TC is a nut...but the movie is awesome. The volleyball scene is fun to rewind a few times and appreciate the beauty of those men when they were young.
And I am always late too (in my personal life - professionally I was almost always early). It doesn't matter what I do.

Julie said...

Lima beans?!? :)

Amy said...

Thanks for playing along!!!