Sunday, November 16, 2008

Party, Turkey, then Party Some More!

Yesterday we went to my niece's bounce party in the early afternoon. Their bounce place is a little bigger than ours and has more to do. The kiddos (and adults) had a lot of fun. C got to joust his daddy off the mountain and do some rock wall climbing. AP was her usual little dare devil self and was corrected by the staff (more than once) for going head first down the slides!

After the party and a quick nap we had an early Thanksgiving dinner at Nanna's house. We all ate way too much food, but it was gooooood.

After dinner we celebrated another birthday! My sister's b-day is on Tuesday, so we had more cake and more presents!

Aren't they so cute? It looks like they are telling secrets. I'm so happy that they are close in age and get to grow up together (even though they are 2 states away from each other).
We made it home safely this afternoon and I am doing everything BUT unpack and start laundry :)

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Madelyn's Mommy said...

Who likes to unpack and do laundry. It won't go anywhere.

Looks like you had a wondeful weekend.

A Thanksgiving meal so early Yumm.