Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Just Life

We have just been real busy living, nothing exciting, but somehow no time to sit down and blog! Monday C went to a new dentist. He had been going to my dentist, but it was several towns away in a town that we used to live in so it was not very convenient. He was also not seeing a pediatric dentist. So we switched to a closer dentist that specializes in pediatric patients. What a difference! I don't know if we just found a really good dentist, or if all pediatric dentists are that kid-friendly. Dr. S came out to the waiting room and played a video game with C for a while just to get to know him first. He told me about the specialized training that pediatric dentists have and I was impressed. He also just adopted 3 kiddos from Ethiopia 2 months ago! When C got back in the car to leave, he said "Have you ever been friends with a dentist? Cause my dentist is my friend!" I'd say that Dr. S left a good impression. (He even let me snap a pic on my cell phone) The only bad part of the visit was that my little guy has 3 cavities! They are in his very back teeth. Apparently, I am not supposed to be letting him brush his teeth independently. I had no idea! He's been brushing his own teeth for almost a year, oops. I watch him do it, of course, to make sure he is brushing. But, this dentist said at this age they just aren't capable of really getting to all their teeth and brushing them well. We have to go back in a couple weeks for 3 fillings and a few sealants.

Last night we visited Catholic Charities for our 3rd post placement visit for AP. That means it's been 18 months since our pumpkin came home! Our social worker couldn't believe how much AP has changed just since our last visit.

We got C's school pictures back today. Not bad for school pictures, eh? He is just such a little cutie :)


The O'Neils said...

YAY!!! I am so glad the dentist appt went well!! I have heard good things about him and I am glad that he did not let you down! He will do great with his cavities too. It kinda makes me miss my old job!

Tapsalteerie said...

We LOVE our ped.dentist! She's AWESOME! especially with Sophie. She's firm but very friendly and our guys are always excited about going even when they're having something painful done (cavaties, teeth pulled, etc).

The pic of AP on the floor is so cute. Soph's been going thru a floor sleeping phase but finally started sleeping in her bed again a couple nights ago.

We're finishing up our 4th postplacement for the boys... I've just got to send in the pics and of course my photo printer is continuing to not work so I'll be hanging out at Kinko's later today!