Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Good Thing It Was a Snow Day

Because my little man didn't feel good today at all. Poor guy woke up early with a fever. Things went downhill from there. I wasn't too sure what was wrong, he went from saying that his mouth hurt to his head hurt, then his stomach hurt. Around lunchtime he lost his, literally. We had lots to do tonight, but we ended up cancelling it all. Good thing because he ended up getting sick again after nap. He has pretty much been on the couch all day and we have been hanging around the house and going a little stir crazy. The highlight of the day was when the kiddos got a Christmas package in the mail from their great aunt.

About thirty minutes ago, C just perked up all of a sudden. He shouted "I'm healthy again!" Now he wants to eat and get up and run around, but I'm a little leery. I just hope the bug stops with him. This is a picture C just took with his new found energy. Don't you like how AP did my hair?

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Maria said...

You can tell from his eyes that he doesn't feel well. Poor baby. I hope it's over for him (and doesn't spread). I love your Princess crown. :-)