Monday, December 22, 2008

To the Nutcracker and Back Again

I made it to Ohio Saturday in just 4 hours. It's amazing how travelling without kiddos cuts an hour and a half off the trip! My mom, sister and I went to eat downtown at a Scottish tavern/steakhouse, Nicholsons. It was really good (right mom?). We even had our picture made with the man in the kilt at the door :)

After dinner we walked right across the street to the performing arts center. Our seats were awesome. We were on the third row behind the orchestra right in the middle! The show was great.

Then Sunday morning I had to sneak in some time for this cutie before heading home.

The good news is I get to see them all again this weekend when they come down to my house (as long as they leave the stomach bug in Ohio :)

1 comment:

Shannon said...

i am coming over to pinch S little cheeks!! S really is a beauty...but so is C, A, G and G:)