Friday, December 5, 2008

We are Santa's Elves

On Wednesday, the kiddos and I went shopping after school to buy gifts for our angels. I was trying to explain the concept to C. I think I said something about some children's families don't have enough money to buy presents at Christmas. C is a very deep thinker and is always pondering something and trying to make it make sense in his world, so I just knew there would be a question about why you would need money for Santa to come to your house. But instead, he said with enthusiasm "We are Santa's elves!" You got it, kiddo!

Also on Wednesday, Hubs' Uncle D was passing through TN and stayed the night with us. C and AP probably secretly think that he is also one of the elves because he has made it a tradition to take the kiddos out to buy one new toy for them when he is here. This visit was no exception. AP loves her horse and the noise from C's constant motorcycle revving is getting on mommy's nerves :) Thanks Uncle D!

AP decided that she needed to "fix" brother's hair while he was playing with his new toy. I guess that's what little sisters are for!

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eastandwest said...

I love your story about Yoda in the nativity scene. That's hilarious. I would love to meet you all one day!