Friday, December 19, 2008

Holding Our Breath

So, C ended up having strep throat and scarlet fever, at least that's what our pediatrician said. Some people that I've mentioned that to have wanted to debate the scarlet fever part. I looked it up myself and apparently is is caused by the strep and starts with a high fever and ends with a really bad rash. The rash that C had (which was way worse than the strep by the way) looked just like the scarlet fever pictures. So, I believe what the doctor said, although some people have told me that no one gets that anymore. Whatever he had, he is better now, hallelujah. He went to school today and did some shopping with me after school. We are holding our breath and hoping that the bug stopped with C. I am leaving in the morning to go up to Cincy to meet my mom and sister for dinner and The Nutcracker. It should be lots of fun, but I will feel sorry for Hubs if AP gets the funk while I am gone.

Also, I am adding several new shirts at With Sugar On Top. Feel free to browse!

Oh, and thanks Megan for babysitting for us! We had our first non-family real babysitter tonight at our house. We went to a Christmas party with some friends from church. The kiddos seemed to have a great time with M. We'll have to have her back real soon :)


janiece said...

I'm here to tell you that scarlet fever does happen and I've seen it--fairly recently. Good thing you have a doctor on top of things. The doctor might be monitoring a few extra things the next few years too.
Glad everyone is feeling better.

Lori said...

I had Scarlet Fever about 25 years ago...and my wonderful pediatrician then said the same starts as strep (which I got ALL the time) and moves into the fever...I had strep so much I had just gotten accustomed to the sore throat and headaches that my mom didn't even know there was something going on until the rash. I don't remember much hub-ub being made about it, but then seemed like I was always on some medicine anyway!!!

I LOVE the shirts. I just wish I had a little one to wear them! If you don't mind, I'd love to put a link on my blog--they're so cute, I'd love to share them!!!

Maria said...

How did I not KNOW about your designs? I just went over and checked it out. You KNOW I would have been ordering some holiday stuff from you (like the snowman onesie -- TOO CUTE!!!). I'm sorry to hear about C. -- sounds scary. We've battled strep for a LONG time around our house and finally gave in and had J's tonsils removed. We never got SF with it though. Tell him we hope he is feeling better. Have fun with the girls in Cincy!!

Anonymous said...

Glad to hear everyone is feeling better. Have a merry and healthy Christmas