Sunday, December 28, 2008

Kissing Cousins

My mom, her boyfriend, my sister, brother-in-law, and niece came down this past Friday to celebrate Christmas a little belated. When AP and my niece first see each other they are all about showing each other some love. It is so cute!

We exchanged gifts on Saturday. C got a new scooter from Nanna that he looooves. And I got the red Ipod that I really wanted :) Thanks again, Nanna!

Now it is time to go through all of the old toys and do a serious purge. The kiddos have so much that they don't play with. So we either buy a bigger house or get rid of some toys!
All of the Christmas celebrations are over. It's hard to believe 2009 is just a few days away. I'm not much of a resolution person, but I do like to set a few goals at the start of the new year. I have a few in mind already. How 'bout you?


eastandwest said...

Such sweet little cousins. I love the big wave from AP. :)

My kids both have December birthdays so we just did the big purge and it seems like we need to do it again. Sigh.

Maria said...

Yes, I'm going to sleep. *tee hee* I'm also going to get rid of "stuff" that's cluttering the house!!

The O'Neils said...

Is one of your goals to run the half again??!! I want to start running again as soon as I can!!!

Madelyn's Mommy said...

Looks like your family had a great Christmas!!

I don't normally do new years resolutions.


janiece said...

Oh I love the kissing cousins. That is so great th ey are so close in age and love each other. Lifetime companions!
January will brin the big purge to our house. I don't usually do resolutions--but with job #2, I'm hoping to rebuild our savings after the beating it took this last year. I guess that's one.